Essay on Questions On The Following Slave Spirituals

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Marc Brueggemann

Dr. Horgan

HIST 153

19 September 2015

Primary Source assignment
Listen to the following slave spirituals. In a 5-paragraph essay, how do the messages of the songs reflect acts of rebellion against the institution of slavery?

These slave spirituals demonstrate belief in God and the temporariness of life on earth. These songs also illustrate the slaves desire to escape from slavery into freedom. These songs also reflect acts of rebellion against the institution of slavery, against slave masters and slave owners. These songs directly expressed the slaves desire to run away and into freedom, so they could belong to themselves and no longer be another person’s property. Running away demonstrated their rebellion against their masters. In addition, these songs secretly contained messages of rebellion. Some of the spirituals also provide hope to the slaves of a better life. But what songs help convey that message? What did these songs mean for the slave? Did the songs secretly transfer a message to communicate about plans for running away? Analyzing these songs and their messages will help understand the reason why slaves rebelled against slavery and their masters.

One spiritual called Steal Away To Jesus, reflects on having faith and trust in God and knowing that earthly life will not last forever. But this song also contained a secret message to the slaves. It was a call for slaves to meet. The purpose of meeting was to organize to run away from slave…

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