Questions On Mathematics And Mathematics Essay

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Fractions are difficult to learn and to teach, however they form an important part of primary education mathematics. Fractions both underpin the development of proportional reasoning, including the understanding of algebra and probability. Much of the confusion of teaching and learning fractions appear to be from the many different coding conventions (6/5, 1 1/4, 1.25, 125%), different representations (models) and interpretations (constructs) (Clarke, Roche & Mitchell, 2008). The problem for students is how to make all these connections so they can obtain a mature and flexible understanding of fractions. Another problem is that the educators are not equipped with the experience and knowledge of teaching fractions effectively.
When students are first learning the concepts of fractions, educators have usually used a definition stating that the denominator is telling you how many parts in the whole, and the numerator is telling you how many of these parts to count, take or shade in (Clarke et al., 2008). This definition works well for any fraction between 0 – 1, however does not take into account improper fractions. Also, the part whole description of fractions does not support the explanation of a fraction as a number on a number line, or the use of fractions to express division. By altering the generalized rule, it may help students build a better understanding and develop a more appropriate language when it comes to labelling fractions. For instance, by explaining…

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