Questions On Forms Of Ownership Essay

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1.1. Project topic
Forms of ownership
1.2. Scientific Question
Which form of ownership, between partnership and sole trader is best to pick when starting a company in South Africa as a whole
1.3. Aim
The aim of this project is to show which form of ownership especially in a construction company will be more profitable. We are concentrating on a joint venture (partnership) or sole trader
1.4. Hypothesis
I believe that a sole trader can be more successful (in terms of profitability) in a construction business because a sole trader does not only raise the capital on his/her own but also gets all the returns/profit back to himself/herself . This makes the owner of the company and business itself, grow financially.
1.5. Limitations recommendation
I struggled to interview people because of was hard to research on this this topic because sources are limited. I had problems to access the internet, no internet access. I didn’t have enough time to research fully in my research. 1.6 Research ethics
I used the internet and books to research and I have not plagiarised any information and I have sited all the information that does not belong to me
I have decided to compare these two forms of ownership (sole trader and partnership) because these two forms of ownership are the most used in South Africa. I have also decided to use South Africa as a whole because, if any of these businesses grow they will expand and eventually being all over the…

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