Questions And Predictions Of The Present Exploratory Study Essay

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The present study The present exploratory study was conducted to explore the following questions and predictions:
1. What sources of information do Australians use to obtain health information?
Given that the public rely on the mass media for health information (Pennay, 2007), and the increasing trend towards using online sources (Cline & Haynes, 2001) it is predicted that health information source selection will be dominated by online sources. Similarly, the literature also noted that internet sources are easy to access, but less trustworthy (Cline & Haynes, 2001). It is predicted that this observation will be repeated in the current study. Additionally, a person’s need for information and health status is believed to change the way people adopt information and innovations (Rogers, 2003), so it is predicted that participants’ purpose for seeking information (i.e., being unwell, seeking new information, general purpose) will modify source selection.
2. What knowledge do Australians have regarding gut-microbiota research? While limited research has been conducted on public knowledge of gut-microbiota (Baty et al., 2014), given the early findings on the low accuracy of web-based sources (Brinich et al., 2013) and the limited access the public have to scientific resources (Suleski & Ibaraki, 2010), it is predicted that public gut-microbiota knowledge will be low.
3. What perceptions do Australians have regarding gut-microbiota research? Limited research in this area reduces…

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