Questionnaire On The Business Environment Essay

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Unit 1: The Business Environment

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Task 1

In task 1 we are discussing two contrasting business organisations and also explain their purposes. This chapter also define the forms of ownership of these organizations. The two organizations are Pepsi Co and Keech Hospice Care.

Keech Hospice Care
Keech Hospice Care, is a non-governmental organization that provides emotional and practical support for adults and children diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. As it provides service to the people, it is in the tertiary sector. It helps patients enjoy the highest quality of life, and also providing vital support for their family and friends. Keech is one of the UK organisations offering adult and children 's services on the same site. The adult service provides care for patients primarily from Luton and South Bedfordshire, while our children 's service cares for children across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes.
Keech hospice care was instigated by Dr. White, a local retired GP, in 1986 in South Bedfordshire and after five years of planning and fundraising, it became operational in April 1991. In 1997, the charity launched a £3 million…

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