Queen Elizabeth 's Political Strategies Essays

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Queen Elizabeth’s Political Strategies: The Speech At Tilbury At the young age of 25, Elizabeth I was crowned Queen of England. As Mary I successor, Elizabeth I began her reign of England facing many political challenges created during her half-sister’s 5 year reign. During this short time as Queen, Mary I married Phillip II of Spain in an effort to prevent Elizabeth from taking the throne after her death. The marriage between Mary I and Phillip II created an alliance between England and Spain, but soon brought about a war between England and France. It was during this war that Mary I died, and Elizabeth I was appointed Queen. Elizabeth was by far not the most popular choice for the job, considering her reglious beliefs and the simple fact that she was a woman, but the publics opinion soon changed when she gave, possibly her most famous speech, “The speech to the Troops at Tilbury”. It was in this speech that Elizabeth presented herself as a couragous and powerful leader that was ready to fight alongside her people for the country, while also bringing a sense of unity to England. Growing tensions between England and France during this time period was the driving force behind Elizabeth writing “The Speech to the Troops at Tilbury”. Politically speaking, this speech was largely influential and a key peiece in showing the world, and France especially, that England is a major superpower and she a powerful ruler. As of this time period, Elizabeth I was only the second woman…

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