Essay Qualities That Are Common Among Strong Families

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It is no secret that families in today’s society face tremendous stressors and troubles—no family is without its share of problems. Despite the problems families face, there are measures that can be taken to keep families strong. Research indicates that there are several key qualities that are common among strong families. While some researchers espouse nine qualities or sometimes even twelve, Research highlighted in the book Fantastic Families: 6 Proven Steps to Building a Strong Family, has narrowed it down to six qualities that “good families share.” They are:
1. Commitment. Members of strong families are dedicated to promoting each other’s welfare and happiness. They value the unity of the family.
2. Appreciation and Affection. Members of strong families show appreciation for each other a great deal. They can feel how good a family is
3. Positive Communication. Members of good families have good communication skills and spend large amounts of time talking with each other.
4. Time Together. Strong families spend time-quality time in generous quantities-with each other.
5. Spiritual Well-being. Whether they go to formal religious services or not, strong families have a sense of a greater good or power in life. That belief gives them strength and purpose.
6. The Ability to Cope with Stress and Crises. Members of strong families are able to view stress or crises as opportunities to grow.
Again, all families have problems in some form or fashion, it would be a fallacy to…

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