Purification And Quantitation Of Dna And Plasmid Structure Essay

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Purification and Quantitation of DNA and Plasmid Structure
Labs 3 and 4
Biology 453
Clayton Pedigo
September 14 and 21, 2016

In this report, there are two labs being discussed. The first lab being lab 3 (purification and quantitation of plasmid DNA) involved lysing bacterial E.coli cells and retrieving the plasmid particles. The purpose of the second lab, lab 4 (plasmid DNA structure), was to use the concentrated DNA from lab 3 and compare the electrophoretic migrations of the different forms of the plasmid. Plasmids are circular genetic structures in a cell that can be used to replicate DNA independently of the chromosomes. The use of many different bacterial cells containing plasmids and genes have been discovered and applied towards antibiotic resistance. These plasmids found within bacterial cells are useful in propagating foreign genes and when these plasmids are used in molecular cloning, they are referred to as vectors. Vectors have been used in DNA sequencing and restriction digestion without any further manipulations, making them a useful tool within the laboratory. To be able to quantitate DNA an ultraviolet spectrophotometer is needed, since nucleic acids and proteins have differing absorbent spectra. RNA and DNA both absorb UV light at a maximum absorbance of 260 nm and by using this it allows for the quantitation of molecules by UV at low concentrations. While using wavelengths different than 260 nm is…

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