Punk Music Revolutions

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What is a revolution? A revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system. There has been many revolutions in the world’s history, one is the punk music revolution between the US and the UK. According to Michael Wood- “America made better punk music because the atmosphere was different. From irreverent to politically charged manifestos, our songs were based on our lives, whether it was craving escape from the suburban hell holes of Orange County or righteous outrage at an American society gone mad with greed and power.” In support to Woods statement, the similarities and differences of four major US and UK bands through history then show how US punk prevails. Many US and UK bands , no matter the …show more content…
Their debut album ‘Don’t Need Much‘ is about all the “important” things – drinking cider, getting high in the sun and going skateboarding. For two years ‘Cynics’ was the name for Giles Bidder, back then an 18-year-old living in Brighton. He played one of his first solo shows in July 2009 with Holland’s Tim Vantol. That night, a last minute decision was made that he would join him on the road for the rest of the foreigner’s 10-date UK tour. Moving on to sofas in London and playing every show that he could, he became a recognisable face the punk rock community ("Great Cynics"). His live show soon started to become awash with crowd sing-a-longs to a guy with a charming dopey smile. By 2011 Giles had written 10 songs he thought would work best with a band. In January he was joined by drummer Bob Barrett in Devon to record a full length with Peter Miles. Giles (guitar/vocals) says: “I wanted to record an album that was personal, soulful and fun punk rock. Above all, I wanted it to sound human. The guitar and drums were recorded live in one big room and Peter Miles played bass and Hammond organ. There’s just one guitar sound throughout the whole record and other than group vocals, there 's only one vocal line at any one point. Half of my vocals on the record are sung when I was drunk on rum. That was Peter’s idea”. UK punk music still doesn’t address the …show more content…
Great Cynics and The Menzingers both were great at bringing back “real” punk; because in the early 2000s many “punk” rockers became more pop. However, both bands have different messages they are communicating to the large audience they have. Great Cynics (UK) are more laid back with their lyrics and bring awareness that is happening in everyone’s life. While The Menzingers are more dark and self-reflecting lyrics that truly got people thinking about what is happening in the world. Many US and UK bands , no matter the time period, may sound different but are actually quite similar in their style and attitude. Of the two US bands and two UK they have a lot in common with knowing how to get attention; using their fashion, style, and attitude. However their music content are different, there was/ is different events happening on the different sides of the Atlantic. In the US bands they have always understood how to get the audience and use their attention to inform them about serious issues going

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