Public Essay : My Best Friend

1291 Words Nov 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Public Essay In life, there are a lot of little moments, that over time can transform into become big moments. For example, rewind to when you were a child and met a life long friend. This may have been a “little moment;” at the time you thought nothing out of the ordinary would happen. Maybe you were playing at recess or joining a sports team. Then, years later when that person is still part of your life, you realize that while at the time that moment felt small, it evolved into a really big moment as that is when you met someone who changed your life. These little moments that transform into big moments, reoccur throughout our entire life. For example, one day you receive a phone call from that life long friend. When you see their name appear on your phone screen, you may think this is just an ordinary conversation, a little moment. Yet, when you hear that they are engaged, then such conversation becomes a big moment. Your best friend is getting married! Eventually this big moment leads to other big moments, like the wedding day. People near and dear are all gathered to celebrate the love of your close friend as they say, “I do” with their soon to be spouse. Before the big moment of the wedding day there are many little moments of planning so that the bride and groom can show off their love and identity as a couple. Shaping their identity around every aspect of the big wedding day: rituals, food, clothing, and religion and everything in between. Yet, while during…

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