Psychology Case Study: Dysfunctional Behavior

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The person I have chosen to write my Case Study paper on is a former coworker of mine. This person is a male of roughly forty-two years of age who at around the age of nineteen years old had two surgeries on his brain for reasons that are not known to me. After this person’s brain surgeries roughly twenty-three years ago he had to relearn how to walk and how to do basic mathematical computations. Today this person appears fully functional. He can walk, appears to be of at least average intelligence and is gainfully employed as a truck driver.

Though one may not presume that the subject of this paper has any mental deficits upon first encountering him, it becomes apparent with further interaction that the subject of this paper may have some mental deficits. For example, the subject said that he was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with bipolar disorder because of his rapid mood swings but he does not believe that he is bipolar. As such, he does not seek or receive any treatment (psychotropic drugs or otherwise for his diagnosed bipolar disorder). Additionally, this person said that when he gets angry he blacks out and does not remember what he does while he is angry. To add to this he is very rude.
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They believe that individuals who receive positive regards will most likely grow up with a positive outlook on life and vise versa for those who receive negative regards while growing up. I believe that the negative outlook of the subject of this paper is due to the fact that he was placed in a group home after his mother’s death when he was thirteen and his childhood effectively ended at thirteen. He did not have anyone to love and nurture him as he left childhood and entered into manhood. Also, a group home is not usually looked upon as an ideal situation because sometime children are placed together who are at different stages of

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