Psychological Advances Causes More Corruption Essay

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Kevin Le
English III K -1st
26 January 2015
Psychological Advances Causes More Corruption
In the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, many different types of sciences are associated with it such as neurology, sociology and social psychology. Psychology can be defined as the study of the human mind and its function in a given environment. The story starts off with the protagonist, Alex. With his gang, he roams around the streets robbing, beating men, and raping women. One of the crimes they were committing was breaking into a women’s house and Alex raped and beat her. Alex, as punishment is sent to prison for fourteen years and found out that the women that he raped later dies. In prison, Alex hears about a treatment called the "Ludovico’s Technique". With this treatment, it can get him out of prison and make sure he never returns. This technique changes how he thinks and feels about doing crimes by making him feel ill when a violent thought or action comes up. However, this has some consequences such as not being able to defend himself. Because of that, he attempts to commit suicide, which only led to concussions and made him unconscious. Anthony Burgess accurately portrays the science of psychology in the novel A Clockwork Orange.
Social psychology uses methods to understand and explain how human behavior and thoughts are affected when they are exposed in the real world. The social interaction of people can be the key to understanding how people’s…

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