Psychological Advances Causes More Corruption In A Clockwork Orange By Anthony Burgess

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Kevin Le
English III K -1st
26 January 2015
Psychological Advances Causes More Corruption
In the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, many different types of sciences are associated with it such as neurology, sociology and social psychology. Psychology can be defined as the study of the human mind and its function in a given environment. The story starts off with the protagonist, Alex. With his gang, he roams around the streets robbing, beating men, and raping women. One of the crimes they were committing was breaking into a women’s house and Alex raped and beat her. Alex, as punishment is sent to prison for fourteen years and found out that the women that he raped later dies. In prison, Alex hears about a treatment called
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In the book A Clockwork Orange, in order for Alex to be “cured” he be given a shot in the arm before he goes into a room to watch “movies”. Alex thinks the shots are vitamins and does not put much thought into it. Alex is then strapped into a chair with his eyelids held open and forcing to watch films that are violent. The films he watches affect him by making him feel sick (Burgess 78). Alex couldn’t figure out while until the doctors who were exposing him to the violent films told him that it was the shots that made him feel this way. Before releasing Alex into the real world, he is put on stage in front of a crowd where the doctors insult and embarrass him to show that he will not do anything back and that he will remain innocent. This shows that the Alex 's modification to his nervous system caused a different reaction to violent environments than how he would react without treatment. Not only does he suppresses the violent feelings, but also compliments the person that is harming him in order to reduce the feeling of sickness. In the article "The nexus of sex and violence: in mice, brain neurons that respond during either mating or aggression exhibit spatial overlap, and some even respond during both. This may help to explain the relationship between sex and violence in human behavior", investigators have shown that electrical stimulation can alter the …show more content…
Alex 's brain neurons were altered to make him feel ill when thinking of something violent. The society he lives in is pretty corrupted from the fact that killing and raping is still common. At the end of the novel, Alex 's gets cured from the Ludovico’s Technique and is returned to his normal self. Alex however was not sent back to prison even though he originally was supposed to be in there for fourteen years. In less than fourteen years, he is his normal self where he still robs people and not feel

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