Psychodynamic Theory And Conflict Theory Essay

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When looking forward into my topic of how children addicted to opioids effects there first year of life, I began to think of the theories that would best fit my statement. A Theory is a general statement about the real world whose essential truth can be supported by evidence obtained through the scientific method. Between the theories I found three that I believe best fitted my topic, which also was connected in a couple of articles that I was able to use. The two theories that best fit my topic was psychodynamic theory and conflict theory. When trying to narrow it down I found out that two of these theories was the way for a social worker to find a appropriate way to help the children whom are addicted and coping through there first year of life. I decided to first look more into the psychodynamic theory, which consist of psychodynamic psychotherapy is concerned with how internal processes such as needs, drives, and emotions motivate human behavior. Emotions have a central place in human behavior. 
Unconscious, as well as conscious mental activity serves as the motivating 
force in human behavior. 
Early childhood experiences are central in the patterning of an individual’s 
emotions, and therefore, central to problems of living throughout life. Individuals may become overwhelmed by internal and/or external demands. Also, Individuals frequently use ego defense mechanisms to avoid becoming 
overwhelmed by internal and/or external demands. Psychodynamic psychology…

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