Juvenile Offending: A Qualitative Analysis

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Barnet, E. S., Perry, Azzi, V. F., Shetgiri, R., Ryan, G., Dudovits, R., & … Chung, P. J. (2015). Incarcerated youths’ perspective on protective factors and risk factors for juvenile offending: A qualitative analysis. American Journal Of Public Health, 105(7). 1365-1371. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2014.302228.

This article studied many youths’ roles in protective factors for juvenile offending. They discussed methods on how they did interviews with juveniles in jail. These interviews consisted of juveniles who were offending protective or risk factors. The study was started by the Los Angeles County Juvenile Court. The people that were studied were the juveniles who were in jail. The results to this study showed that the juveniles were describing how
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This study was made on juveniles and kids. The study was trying to see whether kids or young adults should be charged as adults when commiting serious crimes. Many may oppose with agreeing for it and others would agree. There is not really a result because this is more of an opinion, but in my opinion they should be charged if committing a serious crime. In this article, it had information about how many young kids and young adults are being sent to jail or prison. This article connects to the other articles because it talks about whether young adults should be tried as adults or not. This connects to my article because it’s what I will be writing about whether I think if kids and young adults should be punished as adults when committing serious crimes. In this article, I will use information to see if kids and young teens, if not punished, will keep doing bad things and maybe even worse crimes. This will explain why they should be tried as adults if they do commit serious …show more content…
The study was on teenagers who were being bullied all over the world. Not only are the victims committing suicide, but the bullies’ can go to the extent to where they hurt the victims. This article documents a 15-year-old girl who was being harassed by her classmates. She was being called names on the bus. She told her mother of the incident. Her mother then reacted to the situation by talking to the principal and police officers. The officers could not do much because there was not much threat. In this case, the 15 years old girl who was being harassed did not get the help she wanted. The results of this study were that not only can the victims of bullies hurt emotionally, but they can be physically hurt . This connects to my article because there will be some examples on those bullies who commit serious crimes. This connects to the other articles because it is talking about the consequences given and those the

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