Pancreatic Cancer: A Case Study

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When a person has pancreatic cancer, their alkaline phosphate, glucose, and bilirubin levels may be elevated. For a definite diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, a pancreatic biopsy is necessary. If the cancer causes a secondary pancreatitis, the patient’s lipase and amylase levels are also elevated. They may look at a patient’s blood clotting time because thrombophlebitis is a possible symptom. CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen test, may be done to confirm the presence of cancer as the normal levels are supposed to be less than 5ng/mL. To determine the size of the cancer, an abdominal radiograph may be orders. For a more precise location of the cancer, computed tomography and ultrasonography may be ordered as well (Williams, Hopper., 2011). They …show more content…
Though, to this day there have not been any alternative or complementary treatments that effectively treat pancreatic cancer. There are, however, alternative and complementary treatments for the signs and symptoms. One thing that people with pancreatic cancer tends to suffer from is distress; with distress, it is possible to suffer from difficulty sleeping and constantly thinking about cancer. A few alternative or complementary treatments include art therapy, spirituality, exercise, relaxation exercises, meditation, and music therapy. Patients should talk to their doctor if they are considering alternative treatment options (Mayo Clinic Staff, …show more content…
People need to learn and understand all they can about the cancer they are suffering from. They should ask their physician details about pancreatic cancer, care options, and treatment options. A support system is very important, they are there to help you with comfort, find relief, assist with certain tasks, and to help the patient not feel as if they are going through this alone. Finding someone to talk to is also very important; there are counselors, pastoral or religious counselors, friends, family, and medical social workers who are there if the patient needs someone to talk with. Talking with cancer survivors or people who are suffering from pancreatic cancer can be very helpful, as they understand what the person is currently going through. If the cancer has metastasized, the patient should consider hospice care; hospice aides in the comfort and support for terminally ill people and their families. With hospice care, the patient can stay in their home until they pass away if they so choose (Mayo Clinic Staff,

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