Pros And Cons Of Eliminate Affirmative Action

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Mr. Crapo proposed a bill on September 18th, 2015 to the House of Representatives wanting to “Eliminate” Affirmative Action due to the fact that it isn’t working the way it used to and is no longer ending discrimination but creating more of it. Mr. Crapo feels that it is only helping certain minorities and not others that haven’t even been taken into consideration due to certain assumptions that they don’t need the same help as other minorities. The bill states that Affirmative Action should be eliminated because it “lowers standards of accountability” as well as “devalues the accomplishments of minorities”. Affirmative action plans should be reconsidered to broaden the term “minorities” in not only race, but social class and eliminate all …show more content…
Skin color does not impact your level of intelligence, therefore it should not impact the college you go to. Along with that, there are many minority groups that affirmative action do not help due to the assumption that they do not need the policy in order to succeed. Students of different races are given different expectations nationwide. Test scores, your GPA, extracurriculars, etc. are all things colleges should be looking at, not the color of someone 's skin. “The basic problem is that a racist past cannot be undone through more racism. Race-conscious programs betray Martin Luther King 's dream of a color-blind community…”(“The Case Against Affirmative Action” David Sacks and Peter Theil, n.d). Due to affirmative action admitting people to colleges based on the color of their skin and not their ability to achieve hard work, the students are not fully prepared to go to the schools they’ve been accepted to. Affirmative action is not the right way to go when choosing who should be accepted into a school and who shouldn’t. People should be admitted to schools based on their education level; although, race and gender can be taken into consideration, they should never be the deciding factor which is exactly what affirmative action policies

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