American Psycho And The Durkheim-Erickson Theory

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In order for society to exist, crime makes it functional for us to come together as a community and fight, build morals, label taboos, etc. The Pyrrhic defeat theory argues that the criminal justice system only fights a portion of crime enough to keep it from getting out of hand, making, whereas the Durkheim-Erikson theory argues that society benefits from crime to maintain than eliminate crimes.

Billions of dollars are being wasted on the war of drugs. While the U.S successfully drives out drugs in a particular area, the production of drugs moves somewhere else, so there isn’t really a benefit. Some people may get a form of employment by aiding the war on drugs, but criminal actions are still high. It’s not worth it at all. Legalizing drugs
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The image comes from the novel “American Psycho” where the elite is a psychopath himself, but everyone is too self-absorbed to notice his appalling actions. There isn’t anyone else who poses a greater danger to the people in our society because often times they are never caught. A few like Ted Bundy have been caught; sociopaths are too intelligent and they know how to manipulate and tactically plan for their upper hand. You see people get murdered out of emotions but at least they have some moral conscience. Apathetic murders are more dangerous because it doesn’t matter what situations they are in, they will find a joy for …show more content…
DUI and texting and driving has been dealt with well in that they get fined and prison as a reality check to those who think they’re much more capable than the previous DUI and texting and driving offenders. Companies and corporations can promote incentive for good safety practices or fine the employees for not following the regulations. Smokers smoking in non-smoking areas can be fined. As for group shaming, society should promote that it’s okay to be different and who you are and that people should just respect individuals and mind their own business. Recently, gay people are allowed to marry across the nation. Hate and negativity creates tension and in turn violence, which may indirectly involve neighbors who has nothing to do with it. Professionals malpracticing should be heavily fined, licenses should be revoked, and they should be incarcerated like any other serious

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