Pros And Cons Of Avoid Using Student Loans

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Avoid Using Student Loan Millennials constantly try to stay on trend. In a high profile nation like America where getting the latest Apple or Android device, or top brand shoes, or new season accessories is typically now common nature, having just a high school certificate is insufficient in keeping up with this trends. Subsequently, college is a means of furthering one’s education, attaining more knowledge and a basis towards securing a career. Nevertheless, the means of realizing a college education are rather tedious. College tuition and fees are huge factor to consider when deciding what college to go. Some decide to go to cheaper colleges, while others yearn for a much better standard education. The best colleges cost more-this is unsurprising since nothing good comes easy or free and neither does a college education-but the issue is not exclusively what type of college to go to, rather it is about building a effective financial plan towards your college of choice. Financial aid is available for this course and college students need to be aware of the numerous financial aids to ensure they go through college with as small a debt as possible. Student loan is one of the many financial aids offered but it is the least helpful option since the debt incurred …show more content…
The debts forgiven do not cease to exist, rather it incurred by the government. Secondly, the plan could deter college graduates from choosing careers in their major. Lewontin suggests that the large number of participants in some programs-particularly for teachers and health professionals-may indicate that loan forgiveness encourage people to pursue these low-paying jobs (Lewontin). While the actual outcome of this plan is still unknown-it is to commence in 2017, this program seems doom to fail. The potential effect of this plan is disadvantageous to the

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