Propaganda In Ww1 Research Paper

Kenneth Bevan
Professor Wood
HIST 334
23 February 2016 The Innovation of Propaganda in WW1
During World War One, propaganda was employed on a global scale. Propaganda was a new found method for nations to spread their ideals and stances on the war and bring them to their homeland and neighboring allies on relatable scale. With propaganda came many different forms and technics of implementing these ideas to the people on both sides of the Allies and Central Powers, they were forms of communication to the civilians of these countries who did not have a front row seat. Simply put propaganda is a dissemination of ideas to convince people to act towards a certain way, a tool that became so valuable to a war of innovation. Propaganda had become
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At the start of World War I, both the Allies and Central Powers began the spread of international opinion. The War began off the issue of two major powers who were at the brink of war which then entailed the early showings of a domino effect; with the case if they go to war, we go to war. Early stages of propaganda already began to take form from the news of the death of Archduke Ferdinand. This international travesty took place and countries around the world starting to take word from it. Newspapers headlines took on the role of shaping ideas of how different countries were going to have to begin to act behind the idea of war. In Marilyn and Frans Coetzee ‘s book “World War I A History in Documents “we get to see his use of a New York Times newspaper headline at the start of the war. This example showed visually how nations around the world were reacting to the assassination in Sarajevo, and how the world seemed to be teetering on the brink of …show more content…
Symbols – use of American symbols such, Statue of Liberty, or American flag. The symbol of heroic soldiers displayed as giant like figures towering over evil. For example in “Halt the Hun!” shows an Allied soldier forcing a German soldier off a terrorized women who has a child in her arms. The German soldier has blood on his body and is standing in front of a wall of fire in the background. Between the two you see a sense of relief once the Allied soldier steps in.
There are many different forms of propaganda displayed throughout the years of World War I. The different innovations in methods of implementing these ideas from nation to nation truly displays the underestimated value that propaganda brought to the war. This newly implemented form of communication introduced created a path. With the use of powerful imagery, especially with a mixture of emotional and patriotic appeal, remains of high importance in influencing opinion. Adapting to this style of communication drove nations to enter a war with the mindset of greater confidence than the

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