Essay Propaganda in the Nazi Regime

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Account for the Progressive Radicalization of the Nazi Regime.

The power structure of the Nazi regime lacked a legitimate and stable democratic order, being ruled over by a charismatic figure, Hitler, who offered through his propaganda a new and better future for the people. In 1919 Hitler joined the German Workers Party, an extreme right wing national party that played on the Germans hatred of the Treaty of Versailles. In 1920 the party changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) and Hyperinflation in 1923 with the Weimer Government ruined the middle class and furthered the dissatisfaction of the German people with the current Government. This presented the NSDAP an opportunity to present a policy that would
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On November 8th 1923 Hitler and 2000 Nazis gathered at the Munich Beer hall to take over a meeting that was being held by three of the most important people in Bavarian politics, Hans Seisser, Otto Von Losson and Gustav Von Kahr. Hitler declared that Von Kahr would be regent of Bavaria when the time was right and that Berlin would be tried as traitors. He announced that Seisser would eventually be head of Germany’s police but in the meantime Hitler would take charge of the country. Hitler announced that their party would march on the War Ministry the following day and set up government there. This march the following day was met with armed police and the result was that 13 Nazi followers and three policemen were shot dead. Hitler was arrested and tried for treason and whilst in prison realised that to further his cause he would have to present to the Weimer population a policy a legitimate party leader that is not associated with violence and injustice. Out of prison strategies to highlight failings of other political parties failed and due to lack of funding and support the Nazi Party was floundering. An unexpected event with the Wall Street Crash in October of 1929 brought the Nazi Party to the forefront with America calling back money loaded in Germany resulting in Germany having no money to invest in economy. Unemployment soared and became an issue by September of 1930. The unemployed turned to Hitler’s Nazi party for promise of a united front, wages

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