Propaganda And The United States During World War Two Essay

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To what extent did comic books function as propaganda in the United States during World War Two?
Comic books to a great extent functioned as propaganda in the United States during World War Two. Propaganda is defined as “the organized dissemination of information or allegations to assist or damage the cause of a government or movement” , a criteria which the comic books of the era exemplify, with their deliverance of a strong pro-Allied, anti-Axis message, which served to both boost patriotism and to damage the reputation of the Axis powers within the borders of the United States. The great extent to which comic books functioned as propaganda is most clearly seen in the influence that they had on the political, military, and social spheres of the United States.
Firstly, comic books functioned as propaganda in the political sphere of the United States during World War Two to a large extent due to their support from the United States government. Prior to the United States becoming involved in the war, propaganda was perceived by Americans as manipulative and undemocratic. Therefore, upon the US’s entry into the war, President Franklin Roosevelt began to encourage official government rhetoric in a form that Americans would respond to- pop culture. This policy led to the formation of the Writers’ War Board, an organization designed to organize American writers, artists, and their works in support of government policy, and the more general war effort. Although initially…

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