Taoism And Prometheus Similarities

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Many religions form many myths. Every religion has unique teachings that it will almost never share in common with another religion. The creation of man is taught in numerous ways and is the foundation of every religion. Greek mythology teachings say that man was created out of dirt and life was breathed into man, Taoism asserts that two natural forces create man, and the Maori myth believes that the G-d of the trees created humans. These myths teach us a lot about their religions, and their outlooks on life. Although these myths may seem to be completely unrelated to each other, they happen to have many similarities.

The Greek Mythology myth of the creation of man has many versions to it. The most common version begins by saying that Prometheus and Epimetheus, two Titans, created man. Prometheus shaped man out of mud, and
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The Taoist myth is particularly riveting. Man was created from two opposite natural forces, “yin” and “yang” that work together to create life (Taoism). The myth begins by stating that it was a time of darkness, and the world was like an egg. The world remained like that for eighteen thousand years until suddenly, the egg unhatched, a colorful light appeared, and life was born. The heavens and the earth formed and they created two natural forces yin, the earth and yang, the heavens. Each alone are capable of destruction but only together can they keep peace. Together the four seasons and the five elements were created. They created all living creatures and P’an Ku, the Ancient One. P’an Ku was a giant and he lived for eighteen thousand years. He, a unicorn, tortoise, phoenix, and dragon created the world as we know it. When he died his body transformed into different components of the world, and the fleas living on his body created the human race. This set the path for history to

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