Profit Vs. Human Being Essay

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Profit vs. Human Being

Regarding a medical breakthrough like Henrietta Lacks ' cells, there are many ethical considerations that follow. In the 1950s informed consent was not an option. People were being used for medical research without having any knowledge of it. Henrietta Lacks ' is where it all began because her cells were different than everyone else’s. While Henrietta Lacks died her cells did not and are of great value to medical research today. When putting a face and name to immortal cells it raises many ethical questions. The most important ethical question is whether it is fair to continue research on living cells, that have greatly impacted science, while their family receive no profit from research?
The relevant facts that need to be brought to light are the biological, economic and psychological factors. First, we must consider the biological facts of the HeLa cell line. Would medical researchers be able to make such breakthroughs without the use of Henrietta Lacks ' cells? The key factor is that her cells are immortal and that’s what separates her cells from everyone else’s. We must take heed to the known fact that if her cells weren’t so important to medicine it would not still be unresolved questions today. Due to the importance and the substantial dependence on her cells her family should receive compensation for it. We must investigate the psychological factors of HeLa cells living on as the family still grieves their Lacks ' death. Not recognizing…

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