Profile : An Event At The Heiner Home Essay

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Profile: An Event to Remember I will set the scene. November 27, 2009 is the date. It’s a perfect Thanksgiving at the Heiner home. The whole family made it this year, and joy is evident on the faces of all in attendance. The anticipation is so thick in the air for five o clock to arrive, because this is the traditional time for the feasting hour! Eventually the old clock chimes and the time has come to take their seats around the beautifully organized, and may I add, a surely delicious smelling meal. Each is impatient to get their knife into that juicy turkey that was cooked according to a family favorite recipe. Little did they know that this picture-perfect day would come to a close in a not so perfect or at all anticipated way. As is tradition the Grandpa once again took first in getting his knife into the turkey. He gleams with pride of this prize turkey wonderfully cooked by his sweet and beloved wife, seated next to him, and pride in his family all gathered again at last. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will be the one that alters the course of events for this year’s Thanksgiving. Although, at this point in time he is just affectionately looking around and is most thankful for his family that now surrounds him.
As the evening progresses all retain a feeling of joy where the only pain felt is from having overeaten, except for one. As a distraction the family headed out to see the latest movie, but this time all but two will join the festivities. Around nine o clock…

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