Producing Documents in a Business Environment Essay

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1.1 Outline different types of documents that may be produced and the different styles that could be used
A document can be produced in either printed or electronic format. These can be produced in many different ways:
 Letter – This is a document used for different types of communications within the business for various reasons.
 Spread sheet – This is used to calculate, store, sort and display information. This can be either presented electronically in Microsoft Excel or in books and single sheets.
 Slide Show – This is normally a Microsoft PowerPoint document and is used for demonstration purposes. There are in electronic format but can be printed out in hand-outs if needed.
 Memo – This is short note or reminder to someone
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2.3 Describe different types of technology available for inputting, formatting and editing text, and their main features
The different technologies available for inputting formatting and editing text are:
 A computer with a monitor, keyboard and mouse, or a Laptop
 A printer and/or scanner
 A word processor

The standard way of inputting text into a computer is through the keyboard. They are either wireless or wired, or in the case of a laptop built in. Using the keyboard, the user presses specific keys for each character that needs to be inputted and is shown on screen within the word processing software installed.

Another option is through a scanner. A scanner takes a copy of the original documents and saves it on the computer as a JPEG or PDF image file. You cannot change the image file without having the appropriate software installed. Once the appropriate software is installed on the system you can then change the image file to an editable word processing file and vice versa.

There is also specialist input devices available that has voice recognition. The user talks into a headset or dictation machine connected to the computer/laptop which converts what you are saying in to the word processor. Voice recognition devices are especially helpful for visually impaired users and users who have difficulty in controlling the mouse or typing.

3.1 Explain the

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