Problems Of The Way Poor People Talk About Education Essay

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Problems in the Way Poor People Talk about Education
The phrase “Education is the key to success” is a common theme in many schools in the developing countries. The theme illustrates important things about the perception of people in the developing country towards education. While the relevance of the theme is directing efforts towards education, it creates a deficiency in the mindset of the students that proves problematic in later stages of development. In addition, it fuels the myth that education is the single most important aspect of childhood development and again results in cultural voids in the students who buy in to the motto, such as the motto adopted by the ministry of education in Kenya ‘education is the key to success. Therefore, while the role of education in the developing countries cannot be overstated, association with material gains in the vast majority of people in the developing countries is a problem.
While delivering the first speech after being sworn in as the president of Kenya, Kenyatta proposed that the most important element to spark the development process is investment in education. The theme “education is the key to success,” as used in the speech, illustrates a void in the educational system. What is the purpose of education? What role is education supposed to play in the development of children? The answers to these questions are important in seeking an understanding on the issues…

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