Corporate Privacy In The Workplace

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Corporate privacy has become a contentious issue in the current technological world where email, voicemail, and fax is the norm for most companies. Business creates corporate privacy policies to describe how personal information and organizational information is gathered, stored and used (Boddington 1). However, with an advent of modern technology, especially the internet, ethical dilemmas which rises include how to keep the corporate and personal information private to avoid infringing on either party 's right while maintaining managerial control to enhance efficiency at workplace. To both employees and the business communication technology has redefined what is good and what is bad. In this paper, I will discuss the ethical issues that the …show more content…
In doing so, the employees should create a relaxed environment where employees can interact freely without fear of being watched as long as the employees also care for the company. The implication would be, both the employer and the employees would not use email, fax, and voicemail in a manner that jeopardizes the corporate privacy and personal privacy. The biggest challenge with the theory is that people’s behavior are hard to predict and to let employees freely use companies’ communication technology to share to do personal activities can lead to a privacy breach. For example, voicemail is a corporate asset and key component of a communication system (White 2). Therefore, its content is the company’s property, and the company thus reserve the right to monitor the use and even retrieve the content is it is legitimate for referral (William 1). When a firm allows employees to use voicemail for personal purposes, the employees may be tempted to may be tempted to share information with unauthorized persons or the employees may use the voicemail system for personal use entirely which can be costly and ineffective. Further, employees and authorized users are required to maintain their password and keep the safe (Woodbury 2). However, these employees may share these passwords with family, friends and other unauthorized people who …show more content…
Electronic transactions communication is both a blessing and a curse to firms, and employees since the systems enhance and compromise corporate privacy in equal measure. Business today are faced with the dilemma of how to strike a balance between communication control and avoiding to interfere with employees’ private rights. System such email, voicemail, and fax when used well lead to fast and efficient communication and fosters teamwork. However, when misused, can result in a conflict of interest and unethical behaviors. But organizational control and monitor are good for the overall benefit of the firm and employees. When the company tracks how the employees use the communication system and what information they share, the business will avoid misuse of the resources and block conflict of interest between employees and management. With sanity and team work, a company can operate efficiently and achieve its

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