Prison Waiting For His Execution Essay

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To Escape or Not to Escape
Will you consider your principals and values when you have a perfect plan to escape from prison? It has been a month since Socrates was put into prison waiting for his execution. Socrates’s execution took long because the state galley had set out on a religious mission, which takes place annually, and the Athenian law puts on hold all executions until the state galley returns. Socrates was sentenced to death after he was found guilty in failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges and also corrupting the young children. When the ship was about to arrive, Crito, Socrates’s old faithful friend, arrives early to where they held Socrates. The guard allows Crito to see Socrates because he offered them a bribe. Crito becomes surprised on how Socrates remains calm even when facing a death sentence. Crito told Socrates that he made arrangements to help Socrates escape from prison and it is at this point, where the philosophical conversation began. Surprisingly, Socrates refused to escape, why? The purpose of this paper is to analyze Socrates’s response to Crito’s proposal and show how Socrates’s response relate to his moral philosophy as shown in Euthyphro and Apology.
When Socrates refused to escape form prison, Crito tried to present as many arguments as he could to persuade Socrates to escape. First, Crito made it clear to Socrates that he should not be worried about the risk or financial costs that might be caused to his friends, as…

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