Principles Of Literature Study 'The Devil In The Details'

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Ciara Terabasso
Pritika Pradhan
Principles of Literary Study: The Devil in the Details: 358:206:01
18 December 2017

Response Paper
The plight of life can be transformed into beauty based on one’s response to trauma. Dorian had a dark family past when he was younger. He had a wicked grandfather, his dad was murdered, and his mother died young. When Dorian came to be older, his beauty seduced many people. He was, in a sense, almost too perfect. A famous artist from this time, Basil, came in and painted a self-portrait of him. He was obsessed with Dorian and his beauty and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a portrait of him. Little did Dorian know that Basil and his friend Lord Henry would grow to have feelings for him. It all of a sudden became sort of a love triangle with Dorian stuck in the middle of it. Being homosexual was not accepted during the victorian era, and if you were found out to be, you would be sentenced to death. This all stemmed from the aesthetic movement changing the societal and gender norms. Instead of homosexuality being forbidden in the victorian era, people should have supported and accepted those who were facing this obstacle. Basil’s coping is the result of him realizing that his homosexual tendencies are deemed as unacceptable. The sins are a behavior that do not follow the social or spiritual norms, so he therefore will

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