Primary Care For A Community Based Care Essay

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Primary care for a refers to community based care which implement basic, simple non-emergent medical care, such as monthly check up or simple cold or minor care is received with an outpatient medical clinic or medical doctor’s office. The doctor’s office also gives quality care, according to the patient’s needs by giving the proper treatment for minor care. Patient feels comfortable with his/her doctor because the quality of care they receive for years. Primary care works with specialist that they know can help them when its required beyond their specialties. The hospital has more specialist that is specialized with doctors that, generally looking after patients with problems with their expertise. Hospital setting care is different because you are dealing with different doctors and nurse for inpatient care, which require you to stay one or more days depending on the condition of your illness. Not all patients are happy with the primary care they choose. Quality care is the number one factor with primary care as well as hospital care. The outcome treatment depends on the way the primary handle their patient after listening to their concerns and if they can help them that would give the patient satisfaction outcome because they feels that their doctor is taking care of their needs. Where as in the hospital setting doctors work hard to find the root of the problem that the patient experiencing and make sure that they can resolve or will refers to another specialist to help…

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