Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen Essay

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The biggest attention hook in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice is the relationship seen between Darcy and Elizabeth. It keeps the reader wondering what they will do next; will they marry, or does Elizabeth have such a strong first impression on Darcy that nothing could happen. As the reader sees the relationship progress and things begin to slowly fall into place Elizabeth still holds on to a bad and false impression of Darcy. Since the first meeting at the dance the reader can start to see a change in the way Darcy looks at Elizabeth. In the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, there are many obstacles such as the first impressions when the meet, Darcy’s social status versus the Bennets, Darcy breaking up Jane’s relationship, and Lydia running away with Wickham.
When Elizabeth first met Darcy at the dance, Austen described him as arrogant, prideful, and very hateful. When Mr. Bingley tries to get Darcy to join in on dancing during the ball and hints to Darcy to dance with Elizabeth, Darcy comments, “She is tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt me” (Austen 9). Austen also says Darcy “was the proudest, most disagreeable man in the world” (Austen 9) which leads any reader to believe that a relationship with Elizabeth and Darcy will never be part of the story. As the reader reads what Elizabeth thinks about these comments and hears her telling everyone that Darcy is very disagreeable, it would be hard to believe that there could be a relationship sprout forth.…

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