Prevention Programs Should Be Pursued With Serious Vigour Essay

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Prevention programs should be pursued with serious vigour. Especially in view of the fact that prevention programs over incarceration. Punishment and treatment, both have merit throughout the United States a few agree a great deal with one than the other. Rehabilitation and treatment programs can offer an opportunity for all juvenile offenders before outcry that the offenders deserve punishment. However, the public is concerned and demand the stricter penalties while others believe in the success of treatment programs. “Public opinion is so widely positive on the issue of progressive policies for wayward youths that ‘child saving’ can be considered a core cultural belief. Not only do people seem to favor such policies, but there is also evidence showing Americans prefer tax dollars be spent on treatment over punishment” (Allen, 2012, 153). Juvenile offenders commit different crimes throughout their youth while they are treating through prevention programs and others suffer punishment. The public is entitled to their own opinion, however, studies suggest that the public prefers rehabilitation over punishment as long as it’s not a violent serious offense.
According to OJJDP Study Group on Serious and Violent crimes the majority chronic juvenile offenders begin delinquency careers as early as 10 to 12 years of age. Therefore, prevention starts at an early stage in life before delinquent behavior occurs. “How parents interact with their children and, in particular, their…

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