Pretty Little Liars : A 's Final Revelation Essay

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Pretty Little Liars: A’s Final Revelation Pretty Little Liars has been all the rave for females since 2010, people have eagerly waited for Tuesday’s at 8 o’clock just to see who in the world the mysterious “A” was that is haunting Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily. The first revealed “A” was a mysterious leading character Mona Vanderwaal who suffered from personality disorders, or at least says the psychologist that Mona is seeing throughout the show; however I believe she could also suffer from an anxiety disorder due to Alison Dilaurentis that is revealed later in the show. Lastly, I believe that the victim and the devil of the show, Alison, suffers from being a pathological liar and D.I.D (dissociative disorder) The particular personality disorder that seems to be what Mona is suffering from is Borderline Personality Disorder. Borderline personality disorder is described as “pervasive pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and affect or mood” (Professor Kieran, Abnormal Slide #17). The character traits of this include dichotomous thinking, impulsive behaviors, and a fear of abandonment. Mona Vanderwaal struggles with all of these symptoms which unfortunately lands her in Radley, the mental asylum, in rosewood. Mona started to display symptoms of borderline personality disorder shortly after her best friend Hannah, separated their ties to go back with her best friends Aria, Spencer, and Emily. Mona was deeply afraid of losing practically her…

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