Pretty in Pink Essay

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Pretty in Pink – Summary

Pretty in Pink is essentially a love story about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, the rich high school hunk who has his eye on her, and the peer pressure that threatens their budding romance. Molly Ringwald plays the character of Andie Walsh, an unpopular poor girl living in the shabbier side of town. Andrew McCarthy portrays the role of Blane McDonnagh, a wealthy heartthrob who asks her out to the prom. As their romance evolves, both characters struggle with increasing pressure from their peers whom are unsupportive of the relationship mostly because of the difference in social class. This, however, doesn't necessarily hold true for two of the characters whose objections appear to derive from other
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There were no consequences to this fight, however; the teachers simply broke it up and everyone went on their way.
Cognitive Issues
Different problems are thought through the formal operations stage with the development of capacities for abstract thinking, complex thinking, and metacognition in adolescence. There is a scene where Andie is discussing the potential problems of dating outside her social class with her father. She now has the ability to think about abstract concepts such as love, friendship, and goodness because with adolescence comes the capacity to comprehend and use abstract ideas involved in such discussions. There is also a great scene involving metacognition (thinking about thinking) in which Duckie goes all out in the thinking process reflecting over his feelings for Andie and wondering about her feelings for him.

Gender Issues
The males and females in this movie portray pretty traditional gender roles with the exception of Andie's dad as the single parent and all that entails (work outside and inside the home, with the latter usually done by a female). The dating script is in full effect in this movie, with Blane following the proactive script and Andie the reactive one. He is the one who asks her out on the date, picks her up, and decides where they will go. Her job is to get pretty for him and wait. I think the messages presented to adolescents about gender in this film are

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