Presidential Candidates Profiles And Watching Debates Essay

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Electoral Politics

I started my research reading presidential candidates profiles and watching debates. Among the twenty-six presidential candidates, only five remain actively running they are Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Hillary Clinton. I notice that even though some of them have the same political agenda, they have different views and solutions on how they will reform the government. First on my list in alphabetical order is Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is independent and open-minded presidential candidate who serve sixteen year as House of Representatives, a member of the Senate Budget Committee and chairperson of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. He is running under the support of Democrats. Known for being intrepid, Sander will voice out his stance and explain what he believes in. In addition, he does not take any favor from corporation that he believes is against his interest. His political issue that I believe will benefit the people is the issue about Living Wage that will increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. This will help millions of workers to earn a rightful amount of money to make food on their table and pay their bills. The cost of living is too high that the value of money is not enough to buy people 's daily need. Another political issue on his list is to help students to continue their school without worrying how and where they can get money to pay their tuition fee, so Bernie Sanders will help students to make…

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