President Presidential Debates On Climate Change Essay

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This article is written to highlight the lack of discussion brought forth during the current presidential and vice presidential debates on climate change. The entire focus of these political debates is to declare your relevant issues and how or when you intend to combat these issues. So far little has been discussed regarding climate change and has frustrated analysts in the fields of the environment and energy. Ernest Moniz, the Energy Secretary for the United States, despite his frustration’s, does mention in good regards, the progression that has been made thus far regarding the international success through the Paris Agreement, and the Montreal Protocol etc. With all these agreements and money directed towards the issue, Moniz still doubts the reality where all of this will make a difference in discovering a miracle to meet the planets demand for power without doing harm to it. He also questions whether the United States has the ability to absorb all of the funding directed towards these issues, which basically asks whether the right people with enough knowledge can use the money efficiently and evenly to resolve them. Although, he does seem to project faith towards programs currently implemented to promote clean energy and put research dollars into good use. In Unit 11 we are to learn Climate Change: Science and Politics. I feel this article directly relates to the course and this subject in particular. The key subjects of this unit are, evidence of a changed climate,…

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