President Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg Address Essay example

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Men and women can often be remembered by the speeches they give in life, especially if in life they stood tall upon a high pedestal. Many great Americans become remembered and engraved in history due to the speeches they gave, speeches that can be viewed as transcending the chains of the era in which they were written. While there are a great number of speeches to select from throughout the American timeline, two speeches stand above all others. These speeches, giving well over a century apart, are President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, given in 1863, and President Ronald Reagan’s Tear Down this Wall, given in 1987. Both speeches not only personify a shared American spirit and desire, but represent two speeches that, in the present time, are well liked for their phonological and morphological properties. In one speech, Lincoln wrote to the American people while in the other Reagan wrote to the world. Speeches can be very difficult to write, and even more so to deliver effectively. Often speeches can be vilified as uncaring if they appear to be too short. These two speeches, both given by American presidents, are a joy to read. Despite a century having separated them, they both share a common heritage and a similar tendency to draw on that heritage. Phonologically, the first thing that becomes noticeable about both pieces are their repetition of the /t/ sound. In the Gettysburg Address, the two-hundred and seventy-one word speech contains twelve words ending in…

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