Prejudice Is What Fools Use For Reason By Jean Voltaire Essay

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“Prejudice is what fools use for reason” Francois Voltaire. There is an obvious form of discrimination in the book To Kill a Mockingbird which was racism however, there were many types of prejudice and discrimination that affected the characters life style, sexism, indifference and class status. Scout was made fun of for being a tomboy. Boo Radley was excluded even though they hardly knew him. Tom was convicted of rape even though he was proven innocent, just because he was discriminated. While the Ewell family were judged for being poor and uneducated. The characters were attacked by many types of prejudice but it affected them all in a similar way, their life style.
Scout was ridicule for the fact that she was a tomboy and how she preferred to be that way which affects her lifestyle in not knowing really what she would want to be. Aunt Alexandra had told Scout that breeches weren 't for ladies, but what really went through Scout’s mind was that when being a girl and wearing a dress you weren 't able to do anything, that you were basically useless. That all that girls did was play with tea sets and stoves (Shackelford Dean). This shows that she basically saw how women were made less of and preferred to be a boy in order to not feel useless. Her aunt Alexandra would later judge her for the fact that she just wasn 't like the rest of the girls and ladies of her town and that Scout was more like the boys. In the novel Scout never agrees with any women figure for instance…

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