Prague Essay

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• Make sure you get transport passes and get them validated! They don’t check for the passes that often, but if they catch you without your pass or it’s expired or not validated, they will charge a pretty big fine on the spot.
• I recommend getting a three day pass and then a 24 hour pass. (It should cost about 420 Kč, which is about the same as $21.) You can buy the three day passes in most metro stations and the one day passes in pretty much any convenience store (potraviny).
• To validate the passes, just insert them in the yellow boxes outside of the metro or inside trams or buses.
• The public transit in Prague kind of rocks and is really easy to work out. There are three metro lines (A, B, and C or green,
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• On the tram, the stops will be announced with the name of the upcoming stop, then it will say, “next stop” in Czech and the following stop. So just keep that in mind when you hear the stop name last, it means not this stop, but the next one.
Vocab: I know you guys aren’t there for that long, but Czechs really like it when you at least attempt to speak with them a bit. That being said, pretty much everyone there will speak English, so it’s no big deal.
• When you enter stores/restaurants the normal greeting is “Dobrý den”
• When you leave, you should say “na shledanou”
• Děkuji, děkuju, or díky are different ways to say thank you • “Nerozumím” is “I don’t understand” just add česky to make it “I don’t understand Czech”
• “Mluvím anglicky” is “I speak English”
• “Nemluvím česky” is “I don’t speak Czech”
• Ahoj is hello and goodbye, but informal.
• Pivo is beer
• Hospoda is pub
Food: I recommend trying some of these Czech foods: • Smažený sýr (fried cheese) is kind of like a giant mozzarella stick and you can get it almost anywhere (I recommend trying it on Wenceslas Square from one of the street vendors).
• Svíčková is a delicious traditional Czech meal that’s basically beef, bread dumplings and cream sauce that is served usually with a little bit of cranberry sauce on top of a lemon slice and sometimes whipped cream.
• Trdelník: I like to describe this as s cinnamon and sugar covered bread slinky. They smell awesome and are all over

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