Practical Book Review Essay

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Petersen, J. C. (2007). Why Don't We Listen Better? Communicarting & Connecting in Relationships. Portland, OR: Petersen Publication.
A self-help book that explains in detail on how listening can in fact improve how we think and respond to different situations in life. Why Don’t We Listen Better? Communicating and Connecting in Relationships has given great insight on how to improve relationships and how to connect with others.
As Petersen divides this book into five different divisions he allows you to meditate as well as resolve your own issues that you may experience when it comes to communicating. Part one as he calls it is the Flat Brain Theory of Emotions in which explains how our emotions play a major role in how
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Peterson also defines two levels of communication in his book. The first level of communication is the exchange of information and also the point of view of things. Petersen explains that this level of communication lacks depth and complicates matters. That the communication process requires you to give things a deeper thought. The second level involves emotion and moves people to connect more intimately. It is also a level that involves an emotional attachment and shared feelings. According to (Petersen, 2007, p. 19) in this level of communication information becomes easier, clearer, and the process more forgiving.
In counseling we learn to express warmth, empathy, and genuineness when dealing with individuals that we communicate with especially in the process of helping them to progress in life and come out of difficult situations. In the conclusion of Petersen’s book he shows that these things create effective communication and that it allows us as people to grow, and improve ourselves as we go through life and that the communication process is essential in business, family, and a social life.
In relating parts of the book to myself and thinking back to a situation where communication was definitely important. I thought back to several misunderstanding that my supervisor and I had encountered when speaking to each other. Petersen talks about ownership. In which this is something that I was taught

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