Power Transition Of World War II Essay

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Power Transition Theory in Relation to World War II
In the early twentieth century, Germany paved the road that would soon be one of the main causes of World War II. Due to the instability in Europe the First World War created, it allowed for a leader, by the name of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazi Party, to come into power. His party represented a combination of extreme hatred for those politicians who they viewed had dishonored Germany by signing the Treaty of Versailles that blamed the war on Germany and forced the country to pay billions of dollars as a result for damages and oppressed the local complaints against the weak federal government. (Open.edu)
The hope of the German people was that he could rescue economically and politically unstable Germany. Adolph Hitler was a very powerful and mesmerizing speaker and he preyed on the wide range of individuals who were desperate for change, and wanted a better life and a newer, more magnificent Germany. His party charmed those who were young, members of lower middle class, and the vast majority of those unemployed. The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, before the economic depression, were relatively unfamiliar to many Germans receiving only three percent of the prior election. Though, with Hitler that changed in the election of 1933, where he received thirty-three percent of the votes, which was more than any other party and as a result was announced chancellor. (Ushmm.org)…

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