Power Of Imperialism, Race And Gender Essay

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The Power of Imperialism, Race and Gender
“The smallest Woman in the world” is a short story telling a tale of a French explorer looking for the smallest pygmy in the world. Upon finding what he believes is the smallest woman in the world, the story’s concept of exploration transitions from innocent curiosity to exploitation. Through Clarice Lispector’s short story, “The Smallest Woman in the World”, the reader will be able to identify the story’s allegory of superior and inferior and will see the depiction of social issues that stem from a postcolonial and racial scope, in deconstruction, that reveal feminist undertones due to the lack of intersectionality between the characters.
Imperialism is this idea that one country could extend its power over another country because they saw an economic profit or political advantage of occupying that country. Through imperialism, European nations were able to build empires by overtaking poor and small countries, justifying their actions with religion and diplomacy. These imperializing counties would take everything of value with militaristic force causing discourse amongst the imperialized country and its people. These European countries created a hierarchy of race through imperialism, which caused different types of issues to arise. Imperialism led to issues such as culture appropriation, poverty and exploitation of not just the county’s resources, but the people as well exemplifying the allegory of superior and inferior. In "The…

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