Essay on Poverty : Poor And Rich

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lazy, they work so hard in order to get out their situation and live a good life. If poverty is painful, why do we have a high rate of poverty? The poor people deserve to also have something to depend on, besides what is the difference between the poor and rich? Everyone is still a human being, whether poor or rich, so why are the poor getting poorer and the rich are getting richer? It is because of the society we live in today, the rich are getting richer because they believe that poverty is bad and they feel that they have the right to be wealthy. The rich people are getting richer, because what they do is very important, they are always ready and eager to learn new things that will give them more money no matter if it’s in their line of occupation or not. While the poor are getting poorer because the level of corruption in the world is getting higher every day, you have to know someone in the upper hand to get a good job, or your parents have to be very rich for you to take over and also the government is not doing anything to help, like providing more jobs so that the poor can also get a job. Like Lane suggested that it is the governments’ primary goal to provide a full employment to the people. If they poor are being provided with a job, they will be the so happy and stop blaming the government for their poverty. So if only the government can do something about the corruption and also help provide jobs, then the poor will stop getting poorer.
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