Poverty Between Sweden And America Essay example

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Poverty, both domestically and globally, continues to serve to be a significant issue in society. However, everyone across the globe has a different idea of what it means to be poor and not everyone has the same access to public assistance programs. For this project specifically, we compare the perceptions of poverty between Sweden and America through the use of interviewing a select group of Swedish students as well as the types of the public assistance programs that exist in both countries. This project also deals with the difference of accessibility of certain public assistance between the two countries. In order to get an idea of what exactly we are discussing here, we must first ask what it means to be poor. The American stereotype is usually along the lines of either being completely homeless or just making enough money to get the basic necessities. Generally, American society views poverty as the state of having very little or sustenance in order to live. When the same question was asked to the Swedish students, the same response was generally given in that to be in poverty means not having enough acquire basic necessities (such as food, shelter, and having enough to pay bills) as well as not being to be financially independent enough to support yourself. The next question asked to them was asking the students to describe an average poor person. Interestingly enough, all of the students asked had a little difficulty with immediately answering the question in the…

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