Poverty And Its Effects On America Essay

1045 Words Jan 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
As our world grows collectively as a whole we came across the terminology of something called money. After so many years our richest are starting to take home more money than ever before and are taking it home at an exponential rate, while the poor struggle to live off less than 2 dollars each day. "Persistent patterns of wage inequality, especially among the poorest workers, can seriously damage global efforts to eradicate poverty. The study notes that between 1990 and 2010, in many developing nations, the bottom 40 percent of earners saw their wages grow more slowly than the national average." The Atlantic. With more years to come the wealth inequality may grow wider and wider causing many global issues. The top 1% of all wealthiest people in America own more than 50% of all it 's stocks in America. If you were to take out population in America and divide it up by our income, the bottom 50% would own only 0.5% of all it 's stocks. What we can see by this is that our middle class and the poor cannot afford barely any stocks. While the rich continue to own more than 50% of all the stocks, this creates the poor to stay poor while the richest get richer and richer by buying out more companies. Without a middle class it doesn 't even things out fairly. This makes the poor work way harder than the rich and still don 't make nearly as much. Our middle class is getting smaller and smaller. "Wealth just keeps growing for the 62 richest people in the world. Collectively, this…

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