Postmodernism Is A Unique Representation Of Modern Living Essay example

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Hannabuss, Stuart. "Encyclopedia of Postmodernism." Reference Reviews 15.1 (2001): 9-10. ProQuest. Web. 16 Sep. 2015. The source explains in details all the characteristics of postmodernism. It says that postmodernism is “about knowledge and epistemology (knowledge about knowledge, how we know and what we know as true)” (par. 3). Hannabuss says that postmodernism is a unique representation of modern living (par. 2). Hannabuss also explains that “postmodernism has come a long way since 1960” (par. 1). The Truman Show and 500 Days of Summer share the characteristics that Hannabuss lists therefore the films fall into the postmodernist era.
To begin with, 500 Days of Summer is released in 2009 and The Truman Show in 1998; therefore, these movies can be put in the category of postmodernism because both movies are made after 1960. Furthermore, both films represent “modern living.” For example, in 500 Days of Summer, Summer is an independent woman; she works, she has a salary, and her love ideals are liberal. In The Truman Show, Hannah works to provide income to the household. In the modern era is more common to see independent women with a stable job and income. Lastly, in both films the main characters, Tom and Truman, portrays epistemology. For instance, Truman believes that everything he knows is true such as his house, wife, and friends; likewise, Tom thinks that in order to be emotionally involved with someone there must be a relationship because that is what society makes…

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