Postmodernism And The Postmodern Era Essay

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The postmodern era consists of a time period from after World War II up to present day. It is a time of questioning and change that followed the modern era. Postmodernism is known for three key factors: rejecting absolutes, the idea of truth being a social construction or biased, and that differences should be celebrated. These central ideas and the postmodern period in general impacted the field of psychology a few different ways. First, postmodernism includes multicultural movements such as cross cultural psychology. It also pointed to the idea that perceptions, standards, studies, etc. are local and most apply specifically to Western culture. Lastly, postmodernism further emphasizes individuality. Postmodernism is responsible for multicultural movements since the time period is known to reevaluate and transcend modernism and question ideas further. Cross cultural psychology incorporates the study of behaviors and experiences culturally across nations. By rejecting absolutes and accepting that no single concept or theory in psychology can necessarily explain everything, cross cultural psychology emerged along with global psychology. Postmodernism also emphases that ideas or concepts are local, and therefore studies are only representative of the populations the sample represents because truths are made rather than found. For example, visual perceptions and preferences for local verses global biases can only be applied to the populations most similar to the sample size.…

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