Pornography : The Morality Of Pornography Essay

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Pornography is not something that is new to recent generations. In fact, pornography existed way before humans were able to take pictures or record videos. (Pappas, 2010 para. 2). Throughout history, pornography implements that human beings have always been interested in sex images. (Pappas, 2010 para. 2). For many years, there have been heated debates on the morality of pornography. Although some are critics of pornography there are some advocates as well. (Chilcoat, 2006 page 2). John Stuart Mill was an influential utilitarian that had a theory that stated as long as no harm is being done to others than it should be considered as moral. (Mosser, 2013 sec. 2.4). However, before we can determine the morality behind pornography, we must first define the meaning of pornography. Pornography is any material that can be found in paintings, books, magazines, and videos that expose sexual organs or sexual activity. Pornography has entered the homes of over 221 million Americans. The quality of this pornographic material can vary from professional, amateur, or voyeuristic. However, unveiling pornography as good or bad may vary depending on the person. Some people see pornography as good, some view it as bad and some do not know what to think about pornography because they may not fully understand the definition or comprehend what all pornography entails. The purpose of this essay is to express how pornography can be a moral act from a Utilitarianism viewpoint, an immoral act from…

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