Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1846 Words May 11th, 2016 8 Pages
When thinking of causes of death, many think cancer, heart disease, car accidents, and the list goes on, but they are overlooking the biggest global killer: pollution. This is an issue that affects every continent, country, city, and person on Earth. It affects not only people, but the environment and animals as well. Pollution is becoming an issue that citizens can no longer push aside because soon the effects of pollution will no longer be fixable. Although many think that there are bigger issues to deal with, pollution is the most important due to the magnitude of the damage it can do people, nature, and wildlife. Pollution is the addition of a substance that is causing negative effects in the environment. There are many different types of pollution, but the main ones are land, air, and water pollution. Land pollution can be caused from fertilizers, pesticides, sewage, construction, littering, and garbage from landfills. Pollution from construction can stay in ground years after the building is completed and is known to cause various health issues (Scheid). Large amounts of fertilizers and pesticides can leave plants struggling to grow and fight off weeds (Bradford). Also, land pollution is a threat to animals because of the garbage that ends up being their food. For example, some garbage ends up in the world’s oceans and severely injures the animals. If birds, fish, or turtles eat the garbage, it clogs the digestive system not letting them eat and causing a slow death…

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